Second Shooter

Assistant Photographer Agreement


  • Second Shooter/ Assistant Agreement

    • I agree to work for InkStudios LLC and its associates. The contracted rate is agreed upon by both parties before the acceptance of the job. Fees may vary for each job; there is no set contract rate. Fees, payment arrangements, and expectations; paid or not, are to only be discussed in e-mail or put in writing to avoid any miscommunications. I agree to the terms of being an independent contractor, therefore will receive a 1099 for taxes and will be responsible for my own taxes.
      * Initial 
    • Rules of Conduct

      Each associate is to wear a presentable and professional uniform as stated in this contract. If you show up for a job and are not wearing said uniform you will be asked to return home and change. Our attire is business casual, wear a black sleeved shirt, with no graphics, and not low cut (or given Blessed Wedding Photography Shirt). Black slacks or pants, no shorts, or Capri’s or low-cut pants allowed. Wear comfortable footwear, sneakers are only allowed if black or black and white, no open toed shoes. Make sure they are comfortable; you will be on your feet all day. Please have good hygiene, and please keep perfumed cosmetics to a 


    • Time 
    • Your photographer will give you an arrival time, please BE ON-TIME. Each event is different, some events last longer than anticipated. Please express to the Photographer in advance if you have somewhere to be at a certain time after the event. If you are being paid hourly, make sure you express to the photographer and get in writing before you leave the agreed upon hours worked.


    • Copyright "your rights to the photos"
      All rights to photos taken at any event are property of InkStudios LLC. We have a contract and model release with the client; . Photos are to be used for portfolio and resume use only and cannot appear anywhere online or anywhere the public can see without labeling that the photos were taken under Blessed Wedding Photography. At no time may you profit by or represent any photos taken under Blessed Wedding Photography employment as your own. 
      * Initial 
    • Conduct
      Be respectful of your photographers’ role as main photographer. Assistants are expected to assist the photographer first, and shoot second. Make sure you stay with your photographer at all times, unless instructed to do otherwise. Do not argue or undermine your photographer at anytime. If you have your own personal photography business, at no time throughout the wedding may you hand out personal business cards or mention your photography business name or try to pull clients. You may not drink alcohol or smoke during a wedding. If any of this happens it is grounds for immediate termination.
      * Initial 
    • Delivering of Photos
      You will either be shooting with provided memory cards or your own. If shooting with your own we will download the pictures onto my computer immediately after the wedding. If shooting with provided cards you will give card back to photographer immediately after the shoot ends. 
      * Initial 
    • Loss of Photos or Damage Created

    If there is a loss of photos taken at a wedding, it is at the discretion of your photographer whether you will receive your final payment. It is recommended you get liability insurance, if you cause damage at a wedding that requires replacement or punitive damages, you will be on your own. You are being hired as a private contractor and are responsible for your own actions. 


    • Notice
      A minimum of 2 week’s notice or equal replacement is required if you are unable to assist for a wedding. If you cannot give a two week’s notice for an excusable absence you will be bumped down to the bottom of the list. If your absence is not excusable, or after your second offence your services will no longer be needed. If you do not give notice and do not show up for a wedding, you are subject to revocation of this contract. 
      * Initial 
    • I acknowledge that this agreement was willingly signed with my typed electronic signature, and that I am over 18 years of age. First Last
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