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October 03, 2016  •  4 Comments

So its Friday morning and I'm working away,  Trying to finish up several things.  Getting ready to hit the road with my family to head off for a birthday celebration with my wife's family  4hrs away.  We celebrate all October birthdays in one week-end generally to make it easier and less road-trips.  My daughter was so pumped for the trip as its a four hour ride and she and I have been reading the 2nd book in the Disney "Descendants" series.  Well, I won't digress, but its getting pretty good and my daughter wanted me to read to her for four hours on the trip.  Which would have been awesome.   Family time is always amazing. That would have been it for me anyway, once we would have gotten to the destination, she would have left me to be with her Tio Angel and Tia JoJo.

Anyway, I get this message from my buddy Daniel who was doing Video for this wedding ( togger/videographer/opera singer/#doeseverything) and he asks if I know of any amazing photographers that just might be available this week-end for a stellar wedding.  I said, Dude, its are you going to find a good one the day before the wedding? He proceeded to explain that the Bride had received an email from her photographer that morning (yea I know right, the day before the wedding??? ) and that he wasn't going to make the wedding.   WOW.  Imagine the feeling you would have after hiring someone and paying a lot of money to document this once in a lifetime day and then the day before he says "Uh, Sorry, I can't make your special day that you've been planning for the last year and paid me for"...but I'm sending two other people that really know nothing of shooting weddings, but do have cameras....Really???!!!  I really felt for the Bride and Groom.   Someone in my industry who just totally could have ruined a wedding day which happens once in a lifetime.

So, knowing it might crush my daughter a bit, I texted my wife and let her know the situation and she was in agreement that I should offer to do the wedding since I know the location well as well as the staff there and the bride and groom were really in a bind.  Birthday celebrations could take a back seat since I've had 47 of them already.  the 48th was no big deal.  Besides, God works in these kinds of ways...........Which, just was so true in this case.  With the relationship Daniel and I have and our artistic skills being able to gel so well, this could potentially be an incredible day and turn something horrible into something that was meant  to be......Just like These two getting married....Right?  Ok, Sap filter off.....But it really did feel that way.

So I talked with my buddy, then called the Bride.   The Bride had this very friendly/approachable personality that seemed like she would be great to shoot as a bride. Not to mention that I had already seen pictures and knew that I could really get some great images with this couple......The bride being STUNNING and all. After our conversation and her having seen my work it Looked like was a GO.  Now, the next task I had was to get my 2nd togger lined up.  I typically only use Mark for my wedding because I can always count on his work.  It just so happens that My 2nd was available (he had to get approval from his boss as well, by boss I mean wife).  So Mark confirms and it looks like everything was in line and ready for the wedding day in less than an hr.  Yea, we work like that. 

Since the location is Longview Mansion, which I know very well after shooting there many many times, I felt pretty excited because the Bride had this incredible personality despite her dire situation and the couple had this very genuine feel to them.  It just seemed like it was going to be a fantastic day.

I forgot to mention, I met up with them Friday night to handle some logistics at Lonview Mansion and at first sight, then realized that OH ........The bride is 6' tall and Groom was probably 6'4" or 6'5"..........So I joking said "I think I'll need my step ladder".......Not mentioning my height in this blog......ever. Needless to say, the couple was in fact a charming and warm couple that were just happy about their overall being in love and getting Married.   For those of you who are not photographers, this is an important piece to weddings.........When you find a couple like this, it is GOLDEN.  They were excited to be getting Married and were very captivating to be around.


 I hope you are able to feel the emotion and marvelous personalities of this couple from this short preview of the day.


Wedding MakeupWedding MakeupWedding Makeup

A wedding with Dogs is ALWAYS going to be Stellar! Walter and Lila are amazing dogs.  They were exhausted by the end of the day.  But were troopers for photos.

Wedding DogsWedding DogsTwo Bull dogs dressed up for a wedding


GroomGroomGroom in black and white



GroomGroomGroom in black and white

Help from the sisters

Sister helping Bride Get ReadySister helping Bride Get ReadySisters helping Bride put on her dress.

Model Bride!

Beautiful BrideBeautiful BrideBeautiful Bride next to a window gazing outside.


Beautiful BrideBeautiful BrideBeautiful Bride gazing out the window

Bride and GroomBride and GroomBride and Groom

Wedding ParadiseWedding ParadiseBride and Groom FInally alone in a paradise where they can just gaze in each others eyes.

Wedding Bull DogsWedding Bull DogsBride and groom walking their bull dogs down the aisle   Sunset FinaleSunset FinaleBride and Groom in black and white as the sun sets behind them The KissThe KissBride and Groom escape for a moments kiss Deep in LoveDeep in LoveWedding Couple gaze into each others eyes while their wedding dogs stand near them. Black and White

After 11 hrs shooting and having fun and collaborating with the entire team.  We got some amazing amazing Stuff.  The artistic nature of everyone on the team from Daniel, Mark, Olivia and myself, working together to make sure we got the right stuff......I just don't know how to say this but ....It was a God thing....It just worked out superbly as it was meant to be. At the end of the day, All of us were exhausted after going non-stop that day, but it was a good exhaustion,  if there is such a thing.

It was an incredible wedding to be a part of and I'm happy I was able to rearrange my schedule to accommodate them.  They deserved to have the very best images.  Just remember things do happen for a reason and always look back on this story as a "PLOT TWIST" that lead to the right plan.  Thanks Abby and Kevin for letting me be a part of your day. I wish you guys all the best on your new journey together.


To see the Video short by Daniel Welch (Videographer)  Video Short Click Here


pol sena(non-registered)
What a gorgeous couple! I love the colors that they chose for their wedding.
Abigail & Kevin Burns(non-registered)
I would like to start off by saying how I believe everything happens for a reason. I had heard many times that there is always something that “doesn’t go according to plan” at a wedding. For Kevin and I it turned out to be our previous photographer e-mailing us the day before the wedding and stating he would not be showing up. ENSUE PANIC. Everyone in the wedding party, including myself, scrambled to text, call, and send smoke signals to anyone with a professional camera. Three hours go by and no success. I then pleaded to our videographer, Daniel Welch, that we had come up short two photographers for our big day. Daniel, a professional photographer that had worked some commercial projects with Kris in the past, then stepped away from a shoot to make a call to “an amazing photographer”. After looking over Ink Studio’s website and then speaking with Kris on the phone, Kevin and I immediately felt he was the right guy for the job. To further explain his sincere personality, Kris had even abandoned his previous weekend plans with family to so perfectly document our big day. He left his beautiful wife and child to travel and celebrate birthdays without him while he stayed in KC to help us out!

If his big heart wasn’t enough to already love him, then his raw talent and creativity with a camera was more than enough. After meeting Kris at the rehearsal, I felt immediately at home with his photography style. At times I forgot he was taking my picture, because it felt like a really relaxed, fun, and involved conversation. Both my husband and I could instantly sense the creativity, professionalism, and personality he brought to our wedding day. He took great care in documenting what was important to us (our wonderfully large family and two beloved bulldogs) while supplying a constant energy and enthusiasm to anyone in the same room as him. Kris also made sure I was perfectly posed and ready to look like the stunning bride I had always dreamed of as a girl. The locations for the shots he chose were also breathtaking, often capturing my veil blowing or the sun gleaming through the window. Thank you so much to Ink Studios and this fantastic team that we haphazardly found the day before our wedding. I refuse to get any future photography needs from anyone other than Kris at Ink Studios, due to our amazing experience with him on the biggest day of our lives.
Jenny Morgan(non-registered)
Having known Abby Nelson since she was a little girl, I can tell you that you did strike it rich by being this wedding photographer and your shots are amazing! I have no idea the level of hyperventilation I would have gone into had this happened to me many, many moons ago, but from the bottom of my heart as a friend, thank you for exactly what you said - turning what could have been disaster - into something worth more than gold. These pictures are absolutely amazing, and oh my, the one of Walter and Lila.....indescribable. Great job and great deed! :)
Stacia A. Nelson (mother of the bride)(non-registered)
I so agree Kris with everything you have said. It was meant to be and we will forever be grateful for you & Daniel. You heart is big & full, and your camera work is equally amazing. We are blessed beyond words that you saved our special weekend! I now know who to recommend as the best photography business anywhere!
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